Gender-Sensitive Economic Recovery and Resilience in Asia Conference

Inclusion Economics at Yale University, in partnership with the Economic Growth Center and the Asian Development Bank Institute, will host a conference from March 9-10, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan, to explore new research on women’s economic activity in the region, the factors that enable and constrain it, and how this research speaks to pandemic recovery and gender-sensitive responses to future shocks.

The 2023 Kuznets Mini-Conference: Norms, Gender, and Development

The Kuznets Mini-Conference on Norms, Gender, and Development spotlighted the work of early career researchers on topics related to the 32nd Kuznets Memorial Lecture, hosted by the Economic Growth Center.

The North East Universities Development Consortium (NEUDC) 2022 Conference

EGC will host NEUDC 2022 in person on November 5-6, 2022. This conference is a major forum in development economics, held annually since 1967.

Economic Justice Virtual Symposium, 2021

In celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Economic Growth Center (EGC) at the Economics Department at Yale, EGC hosted a series of symposia devoted to the general topic of race/ethnicity, gender, and economic justice in a variety of settings worldwide. The events highlighted both the problems that public policy needs to address and discuss the viability and constraints on potential solutions.

Past Conferences

EGC conferences hosted over the years.