Weekly Events

Development Seminar

This workshop is designed as a forum for graduate students and faculty with an interest in economic problems of developing countries. Faculty, students, and a limited number of outside speakers will discuss research work in progress.

Development Lunch

The Development Lunch is an informal workshop designed primarily for graduate students working in development economics to present research in progress. Faculty and visitors also use the workshop to present work in its early stages.

Economic History Workshop

The weekly workshop in economic history is a central part of the program. Speakers include Yale faculty and graduate students as well as distinguished scholars from other institutions. Papers are normally available in advance, and we emphasize informal discussion of the paper.

Economic History Lunch

The weekly economic history lunch provides an informal setting for graduate students, postdocs, and faculty to exchange comments on work in progress. To keep the discussions informal, we do not allow PowerPoint or the equivalent, but presenters may distribute handouts to accompany their talks.

Past Conferences

Rural Productivity Growth, Structural Transformation and Development,

The 2017 Agriculture and Development Conference, March 31 - April 1, 2017

Institutions and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean: Historical and Contemporary Issues

The Program in Economic History October 2016 Conference

Quantifying Problems in Ancient History: Working with Numbers from the Distant Past

The Program in Economic History May 2016 Conference