Data Science for Development

The Data Science for Development program at EGC aims to leverage empirical advancements in data science, computer science, statistics, and other related fields to study and promote development in low- and middle-income settings.

Gender and Growth Gaps

The Gender and Growth Gaps project at the Economic Growth Center (EGC) brings together a cross-cutting team of Yale economists to explore the economic dimensions and consequences of gender inequality and to impact gender-intentional policymaking in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Inclusion Economics

A policy-engaged research initiative promoting inclusive institutions, economies, and societies, Inclusion Economics spans Inclusion Economics at Yale University – a collaboration between the Economic Growth Center and the MacMillan Center – Inclusion Economics India Centre at the Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR) (formerly EPoD India at IFMR), and Inclusion Economics Nepal at Governance Lab.

Latin America and the Caribbean Program

The Economic Growth Center (EGC) supports a growing number of faculty who study the development process in Latin America and the Caribbean. Using a range of interdisciplinary approaches and a broad set of quantitative methods, their research focuses on the region’s economic and human development, pervasive inequalities, social protection programs, and market integration, to name a few – as well as how these and other topics interact with the region’s history.

Markets and Development

The Markets and Development research initiative at EGC brings together methods and questions from industrial organization, trade, and development economics to produce a deep understanding of markets in low- and middle-income countries.

Bridging the Atlantic: Migrations and their Legacies

This project will build a comprehensive database with immigrant flows from Spain and Africa to the Americas since the Conquest in 1492 until today. By tracking immigrant flows, the initiative will estimate the human capital brought by voluntary and involuntary migrants and their migration networks in Spain and in the Americas. It will provide access to this comprehensive database, supporting documentation, and relevant scholarship on migration flows within the Spanish empire.

Program in Economic History

Economic history is the study of the long-term development of economies. The field uses empirical evidence, the tools of economics and econometrics, and appreciation of institutional context to understand how economies functioned in different times and places, and how present-day economic problems reflect earlier development. The Program in Economic History exists within the Economic Growth Center to foster research in the field of economic history.

Program in International Trade

EGC supports the International Trade group at Yale, which includes faculty from across Economics and the School of Management who work on theoretical, empirical, and quantitative trade models, trade policy, political economy and international finance.