Program in Economic History

Economic history is the study of the long-term development of economies. The field uses empirical evidence, the tools of economics and econometrics, and appreciation of institutional context to understand how economies functioned in different times and places, and how present-day economic problems reflect earlier development. The Program in Economic History exists within the Economic Growth Center to foster research in the field of economic history. Read more.

Covid-19 in low-income countries

EGC researchers are working to understand how to address Covid-19 in contexts where information channels are weak and public health systems overstretched – and communicate insights to policymakers and public. Read more.

Covid-19 Data Initiatives in India and Nepal:
Working toward an Inclusive Response

In India and Nepal, policymakers and citizens need access to up-to-date information in order to make informed decisions. This is particularly challenging given the quickly evolving health, economic, and social ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic. A team of researchers coordinated by Rohini Pande of EGC and Charity Troyer Moore of Yale MacMillan Center is working to close knowledge gaps by rapidly collecting and analyzing data, making it easily available to stakeholders, and sharing these insights with policymakers and the public. Read more.