International trade is a key focus area of EGC, with about one-third of EGC’s faculty affiliates conducting research on trade.  EGC provides a variety of grants, fellowships, and other research support to faculty and students engaged in topics relating to international trade. The EGC also provides support for the Program in International Trade at the Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, a sister research center also at the Yale Department of Economics, as part of its efforts to foster collaboration across Yale to further scholarship on questions facing low-income countries. The program is led by Lorenzo Caliendo, Professor of Economics at Yale’s School of Management (SOM).  

Events on International Trade

International Trade Workshop

The Program in International Trade hosts weekly International Trade Workshops at which faculty from Yale and other universities and advanced graduate students present new work.

International and Spatial Economics Lunch

The Program in International Trade hosts weekly International and Spatial Economics Lunches where Yale faculty and graduate students present work in early stages.

Poverty Reduction in the Era of Waning Globalization

Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg delivered the 30th annual Kuznets Lecture on February 27, 2020.

New research on trade and development by young economists

Amit Khandelwal and David Atkin describe the event that they organized in collaboration with EGC on February 28, 2020, spotlighting new research, with keynote presentations by Penny Goldberg and Dani Rodrik.

Faculty Interviews and Highlights from EGC Research 

International Trade Faculty

Costas Arkolakis

Lorenzo Caliendo

Ana Cecília Fieler

Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg

Guillermo Noguera

Diana Van Patten