Chandra Bhandari began working with EGC's Inclusion Economics initiative in April 2020 as a Senior Research Associate for Inclusion Economics Nepal's governance portfolio. After beginning his Master in Public Policy in Global Affairs (MPP) degree at Yale's Jackson School of Global Affairs in August 2021, Chandra transitioned to the role of Senior Research Coordinator at Inclusion Economics at Yale University.  In July 2023, Chandra began working as a Research Fellow Consultant at Yale Inclusion Economics.

My experience at Inclusion Economics was great opportunity for me to closely observe the data work being done by the postgraduate associates and the team in Nepal. My role as a coordinator helped me learn to communicate with different people within and across the different research teams. I highly value this experience and I'm grateful to Inclusion Economics at EGC. – Chandra Bhandari 

Chandra started working with our research team while based in Nepal, where he traversed vast and hilly distances to interview (sometimes grumpy) government officials. A few years later, he traversed oceans in order to study at Yale, and he continued work as a friend and data mentor to the entire Nepal governance-focused research team. He has contributed rigorous analysis and practical insights to numerous policy briefs, all with a trademark smile. I'll miss the opportunity to work closely with Chandra, and I wish him the best on his next professional adventure! – Jenna Allard, Assistant Director of Research and Policy at Inclusion Economics at Yale University