Firms, Trade, and Development Conference 2024

The Yale Economic Growth Center (EGC) and the International Growth Centre (IGC) will host Firms, Trade, and Development 2024 on October 24-25, 2024. This event will take place in-person at Yale University in New Haven.

We welcome papers on this theme for consideration for the program. The deadline is Monday, 16 August at 5 PM EST.

Please note that funding for travel and accommodation will be provided to all presenters.

The Academic Committee for the event is: David Atkin (MIT), Lauren Falcao Bergquist (Yale), Stefano Caria (University of Warwick), Mayara Felix (Yale), Namrata Kala (MIT), Kanika Mahajan (Ashoka University), Isabela Manelici (LSE), Meredith Startz (Dartmouth),  Eric Verhoogen (Columbia).

The call for papers is now open. You can submit a paper using the online form on the IGC website.