Celebrating Our Graduates

"The cover of the 2021-22 Annual Report features a teacher tutoring a young boy"
EGC Postgraduate Associates (back row L-R) Hema Balarama, Viyaleta Farysheuskaya, Fikremariam Gedefaw, (front row) Diana K. Perez Lopez, Marie-Rose Tonguino, and Sarah Danner

Today, a diverse group of students in development economics are graduating from Yale at different levels. They will enter a world of work that, more than ever, needs innovative development thinking. The Covid-19 pandemic, which disrupted many of their studies, also caused the first uptick in the global number of people living in extreme poverty in decades. Even as the pandemic recedes, the poor’s economic recovery is impeded by conflict, barriers to migration, rising food and energy prices, and natural calamities linked to climate breakdowns.

Our graduating students, however, give us reason to be optimistic. I invite you to meet our students in an article we have prepared to honor their achievements

With their impressive jobs, our PhD students in development and trade will disperse across continents and sectors. The class of 2023 of the International and Development Economics (IDE) Masters program features the first-ever recipients of the IDE Africa Scholarship, for a total of 31 graduates who are moving on to PhD programs and research and policy jobs. We are saying farewell to several interns and postgraduate associates who have made significant contributions to our research and communications programs and are moving on to bigger and better things. 

Commencement also celebrates the first full year of the Salus Populi Foundation, the EGC-supported student-led undergraduate club focusing on development. Their fellows – first year students who have been mentored by juniors and seniors – are marking their own achievement. You can read about this program in a retrospective article by the club’s founders.

EGC congratulates all of these students on their achievements, wishes them the best in their chosen endeavors, and encourages them to continue applying their skills to solving global problems.

Rohini Pande 
Henry J. Heinz II Professor of Economics
Director, Economic Growth Center

2023 Yale Economics PhDs in Development & Trade

Sheng (Charles) Cai will join the City University of Hong Kong as an Assistant Professor in Economics; Lucas Conwell will join University College London as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Economics; Lucas Finamor will join Fundação Getulio Vargas - SP in Brazil (after a postdoctoral fellowship at IFS, London); Matthew Gordon, a development-focused PhD student at the Yale School of Environment, will join the Paris School of Economics as an Assistant Professor; Antonia Paredes-Haz will join Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley as a postdoctoral fellow.

The IDE Class of 2023

IDE students pose for a photo

This year’s graduates of the International and Development Economics Master’s program will go on to the PhD program at Harvard, fellowships at the University of Chicago, and a range of policy jobs. 

EGC Postgraduate Associates

Sarah Danner, who assisted with research on governance in Nepal, will enter a PhD in Public Policy at Berkeley Haas. Fikremariam Gedefaw, who worked on projects in technology and gender in India, will also enter a PhD in Public Policy at Berkeley Haas. Diana Perez Lopez, who worked on EGC projects related to early childhood development interventions, will start a PhD in Economics at Yale University. Marie-Rose Tonguino, who assisted with EGC research on energy markets and the environment, will enter as a post-baccalaureate student in Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University. Satish Wasti who worked on environmental projects in India will enter the PhD program in Economics at the University of British Columbia. 

Yale College Class of 2023

We also celebrate the achievements of Yale undergraduates who studied international development – particularly those who worked with us as EGC Interns. During their time with us, they analyzed data on technology and gender in India, wrote articles about a range of EGC research, reorganized the Center’s historical archive, and helped us feature our affiliates.

EGC Celebrates the Class of 2023, their achievements and future plans

A diverse group of students passionate about international development – Economics PhDs, IDE masters students, and our own Postgraduate Associates and Interns – are moving on. The EGC community congratulates them on their achievements and looks forward to their next steps.

EGC Voices in Development

This podcast series explores issues related to sustainable development and economic justice in low- and middle-income countries.

Episode 6

Episode 6 features Orazio Attanasio and Costas Meghir of Yale University discussing an economic perspective on the role of childhood interventions in improving life outcomes.

Episode 5

Episode 5 features Kevin Donovan of Yale University discussing his research on growth transitions, labor market dynamics, and constraints to firm growth.

Latest research

EGC Research

Kevin Donovan created a new dataset that reverses previously observed trends between job transition rate and GDP per capita; José-Antonio Espín-Sánchez explored 18th century records from southern Spain to study women’s contributions to social status in pre-modern economies; and Diana Van Patten and co-author Esteban Méndez from the Central Bank of Costa Rica discuss their joint work exploring Costa Rica’s push to create an innovative digital payment system.