Vineet Gupta served as a Postgraduate Associate at EGC from June 2021 to July 2022 implementing the Google Flood Alerts dissemination intervention as well as analyzing data from Emissions Trading Scheme project. Vineet will be enter a PhD program in Sociology at Northwestern University this Fall. 

I’m grateful to the lab for the exposure and training in econometric analysis, and for the opportunity to understand the possibilities and limitations of academic research in developmental studies. – Vineet Gupta

Vineet has been a stabilizing presence during a period of significant personnel turnover for Google floods, excelling at all the roles he was asked to perform. – Maulik Jagnani, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Colorado Denver

It was a joy to work alongside Vineet on the Google Floods project. He synthesized many sources of quantitative and qualitative feedback on the evaluation to ensure that flood warnings could be efficiently and widely disseminated in Bihar. Alongside his thoughtful analysis products, his lasting legacy on this project will be a well-oiled implementation process for project researchers and volunteers. – Jenna Allard, Senior Research Manager, Yale MacMillan Center