Akash Uppal is a Postgraduate Associate working with Professor Rohini Pande at the Yale Economic Growth Center (EGC). He supports research initiatives at Inclusion Economics, working on issues of discrimination, financial inclusion, and economic development. Previously, he worked in the International Economic Analysis department of the Bank of Canada. He holds an MA in International and Development Economics from Yale University and a Bachelor of International Economics (BIE) from the University of British Columbia.

With the confidence to ask complex economic questions and the competence to credibly answer them, IDE graduates are well prepared to serve in academic, policy, and private-sector positions. Whether in Gary Gorton’s PhD class on financial crises or as part of a research assistantship with Andrew Metrick, I bore witness to the ways in which leading scholars jointly leverage theoretical models, statistical software, and econometric methods to enhance our understanding of the world. – Akash Uppal