Event Details

  • Green pathways out of poverty? The conflicts and synergies between poverty alleviation and climate change mitigation – the fourth in the series, "The Yale Development Dialogues: Economic Policy Lessons from History"
  • Hosts: Yale Economic Growth Center, the South Asian Studies Council at Yale MacMillan Center, and the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs
  • Date and time: Tuesday March 2, 2021, 9:30AM EST (14:30 GMT, 20:00 IST)

Event description

Since the 1970s, if not earlier, it has been taken for granted that there is a trade-off involved between environmental protection and development. Given the gravity of the climate crisis and the particular risk it poses to the world’s poorest people, are there also synergies to be harnessed between those two goals? Moderated by Catherine Cheney, this dialogue featured historian and anthropologist Julie Livingston, author of Self-Devouring Growth, in conversation with Sunil Amrith, Rohini Pande, and Rory Stewart. Faced with the climate crisis, do we need to redefine development?


Sunil Amrith headshotSunil Amrith is the Renu and Anand Dhawan Professor of History at Yale, and current chair of the South Asian Studies Council. His research focuses on histories of environment, migration, and public health across South and Southeast Asia. 



Julie Livingstone headshotJulie Livingston is Silver Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and History at New York University and author of Self-Devouring Growth: A Planetary Parable as Told from Southern Africa. Her work is at the intersection of history, anthropology, and public health.



Rohini Pande headshotRohini Pande is the Henry J. Heinz II Professor of Economics and Director of the Economic Growth Center at Yale. Her work focuses on testing innovative ways to make the state more accountable to its citizens, such as strengthening women’s economic and political opportunities, ensuring that environmental regulations reduce harmful emissions, and providing citizens effective means to voice their demand for state services.


Rory Stewart headshotRory Stewart is a Senior Fellow at Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, where he focuses on contemporary politics in crisis and on international development and intervention in fragile and conflict affected states. Stewart served as the UK Secretary of State for International Development where he doubled the U.K.’s investment in international climate and environment.



Catherine Cheney HeadshotCatherine Cheney ‘10 is a Senior Reporter for Devex, covering the West Coast of the U.S., focusing on the role of technology, innovation, and philanthropy in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.