Faculty Contacts for 2023-2024 Seminar Series: Lauren Falcao Bergquist and Kevin Donovan.

Seminars are held Mondays, 2:30 - 3:50 pm. Workshops this semester will be in-person but subject to conversion to a virtual format (Zoom) if needed. 

Schedule for Spring 2024

February 19 Sagar Saxena, Yale University
February 26 Garima Sharma, Princeton University
March 4 Jishnu Das, Georgetown University
March 11 Spring Break
March 18 Spring Break
March 25 Nick Tsivanidis, University of California, Berkeley
April 1 Kuznets Week - No workshop
April 4 (Thursday, 4:00-5:30pm) 2024 Kuznets Lecture, Christopher Udry, Northwestern University
April 8 Francis Annan, University of California, Berkeley
April 15 Erica Field, Duke University
April 22 Gabriel Ulyssea, University College London
April 29 Rocco Macciavello, London School of Economics

Schedule for Fall 2023

September 13 Paula Bustos, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Joint with International Trade group) (Note this is a Wednesday)
September 18 Sylvain Chassang, Princeton University (Joint with Microeconomic Theory group)
September 27 Todd Schoellman, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (Joint with International Trade group) (Note this is a Wednesday)
October 2 Pamela Jakiela, Williams College)/Owen Ozier, Williams College
October 9 Dina Pomeranz, University of Zurich
October 16 Rodrigo Guerrero Castaneda, Yale University
October 23 Nghiem Huynh, Yale University
October 30 Siu Yuat Wong, Yale University
November 6 Susanna Berkouwer, University of Pennsylvania
November 13 Stefano Caria, University of Warwick
November 20
Thanksgiving Week
November 27 Kyle Emerick, Tufts University (visiting Yale)
December 4
Francisco Buera, Washington University in St. Louis
December 11 Shing-Yi Wang, University of Pennsylvania

Schedule for Spring 2023

March 6  Madeline McKelway, Dartmouth College
March 13 Spring Break

March 20 Spring Break
March 27 Jonas Hjort, University College London
April 3 Doug Gollin, University of Oxford
April 10 Namrata Kala, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
April 17 Benjamin Marx, Boston University
April 24 Daniel Xu, Duke University

Schedule for Fall 2022

September 12    Antonella Bancalari
September 19    Nick Tsivanidis
September 26    Mushfiq Mobarak
October 3    Martin Rotemberg
October 10    Molly Lipscomb 
October 17    Lucas Conwell
October 24    Siu Yuat Wong
October 31    Antonia Paredes-Haz
November 7    Gaurav Khanna 
November 14    Tavneet Suri
November 21    Thanksgiving
November 28    Chris Udry 
December 5    Julieta Caunedo 

Graduate students who anticipate or are currently doing dissertation research in these or related areas are invited to attend the Workshop, to register for credit as appropriate. They should also check out the Development Lunch.

Contact Noel Sardalla  (203-432-3621) if you want to receive announcements about the Development Workshop and/or the Development Lunch.