Who is being excluded by India's vaccination strategy?

Yale's Rohini Pande and Charity Troyer Moore and coauthor Simone Schaner use survey data to show that reliance on a digital registration process means that women and the poor have less access.

New data on India's migrant workers and Covid-19

EGC and MacMillan researchers, along with collaborating researchers, have conducted large-scale surveys of migrant workers in India. The findings can inform the policy response to the current outbreak.

Using technology to save lives during India's monsoon season

EGC researchers Rohini Pande and Maulik Jagnani are collaborating with Google to test technological interventions that increase the reach and impact of flood warnings.

Q&A: How can India achieve universal electrification?

A study by Yale’s Nicholas Ryan and coauthors finds that it may be counterproductive to view access to electricity as a right, rather than as a good that must be paid for.

Food first, cash later

A large percentage of poor women in India lack access to digital bank transfers and ration cards, according to data analysis by Rohini Pande, Charity Troyer Moore, and Simone Schaner. In this editorial, the authors argue for expanded use India's food distribution systems to assist in COVID-19 relief.

New research on trade and development by young economists

Amit Khandelwal and David Atkin describe the event that they organized in collaboration with EGC on February 28, 2020, spotlighting new research, with keynote presentations by Penny Goldberg and Dani Rodrik